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Dave Poole’s Referral Marketing Systems started in 1992 with his desire to help a friend who owned a restaurant in the tourist area. The friend, Tim Murphy who owns Magic Mining Company (steak & seafood) needed a concept that would help him remain competitive. Dave, and his wife Nancy, started with just one restaurant referral client calling on the hotels, VIP booths, and visitor centers located west from 1-4 along route 192 to route 27 and including the then RV campgrounds on route 27. Our first years efforts produced over 2,600 tables (covers) that represented “plus” business for Magic Mining Company.

DP Marketing 1st Client | Magic Mining

The referral concept was built upon the belief that one had to call on every hotel, front or guest service desk, VIP booths and welcome centers in the tourism area with the belief that really selling and telling the story of each client – whether it be a restaurant, golf, small attraction or shopping, was the bed rock of the effort. The one important aspect of each presentation was the use of a printed referral card with an attractive offer, a location map, hours of operation, and phone number. The all important printed line “referral by” must be prominently displayed on the card. They would then convey to the guest service personnel the amount of pay back to the guest service person in the form of either gift certificates or cash. This payout would be done each month. Dave realized fully that his ability to keep his word with the guest service personnel was key to the program. The visiting guest would then take the referral card to the client’s place of business where they would be counted and recorded each month. Then, the all-important monthly pay back to the guest service personnel would occur, and then it would be his responsibility to personally make the pay back.

The business expanded rapidly from the first five accounts. Dave insisted that all agreements be done on a handshake basis with no contract required. We still do business this way. We don’t want your money if the concept is not working for your business. We are very proud of the fact that we have the five original accounts that we started with fifteen years ago on a handshake basis.

Ours is a family based business with Dave handling sales and distribution, Nancy executing the time consuming process of administration, record keeping and mailing. Our son, David, joined us for seven years and now our son-in-law, Dale Polk, handles the bulk of our continuous efforts. He has been with us for four years and has quickly asserted himself as a major referral-marketing source. Our staff represents over 44 years of experience in this very complex tourism market.

In 2012 Mike Pryor joined DP Marketing. Mike has managed golf courses in the Central Florida area for 22 years and each course that Mike worked at employed DP Marketing to manage the courses’ referral marketing programs. If you’re not sure if referral marketing is right for your business, Mike can share with you his experiences from “your side” of the table and his experience of hiring a dedicated marketing manager compared to outsourcing referral marketing to a company like DP Marketing.

We serve and sell over 1,146 locations covering all of the Greater Orlando / Kissimmee area along with 189 locations in the Daytona Beach area and  164 locations along the Space Coast (Titusville, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne & Palm Bay). Our hotel lists are available upon request. Our company has a twenty-two year history of which we are very proud. Many of our clients have been with us for years. These relationships and the networking it affords us are invaluable to our clients, who we consider part of our family.