What We Do

We provide referral based growth solutions for businesses in the Central Florida area. If you are looking to grow your business by creating a lead generating referral network in Central Florida, our proven system delivers results, one of the best web host uk, even use the best cloud server options for this from sites as https://www.servermania.com/cloud-hosting.htm . With no contract required, and a handshake agreement, the services that we offer are:

  1. Sales and service to 1,146 locations
  2. Storage of any printed materials in our warehouse at our expense
  3. Delivery of any printed materials for special events, contests and sales promotions
  4. Ride Alongs – whereby your personnel ride along with us to meet, greet and understand the market place.
  5. Representation and sales efforts at hospitality vendor fairs, paydays and other special events
  6. Counting and identifying referral cards each month and responsible to pay out all referral awards
  7. Email blast to our hospitality list
  8. Sharing the knowledge and history of this complex tourism market and the use of SEO strategies from seo consultant in Atlanta Georgia 
  9. 24-hour response time to any reasonable request for referral materials by hospitality industry personnel
  10. Invitation to Christmas in October, an event started by Dave Poole, whereby you can trade your gift certificates with other companies for employee rewards and Christmas events. It is in its eighth successful year
  11. Invitation to participate in the annual Toys for Tots Marine Corp charity event, which is especially for the hospitality industry. Another idea by Dave Poole, Kenney Communications, VS Publishing and Howl at the Moon have implemented and supported this charity event. The 2006 event, which is held in November, raised over $10,000 to help donate toys to needy children
  12. Organize special events with Custom exterior signs such as golf outings for the hospitality industry including concierge and bellman. We are able to comp industry personnel to different venues as permitted by the client. This has really connected our clients with many hospitality, concierges and referral sources.

If you would like more information about our services, please call us at (407)448-1600 or email us via our contact page.